The other day I was siting at working and craving puffs, so I thought I would make it. But I wanted to do something different just because I am someone who loves to experiment and ta da croffs. All the goodness of egg puffs, hidden in a croissant.

So what are egg croffs? For the mallu's out there basically these are egg puffs but in a croissant and for those who are not familiar with what egg puffs are, this is something mallu's indulge in during tea time. A cup of hot chai and puffs are a norm for every taste bud in Kerala. I am sure other places have their own versions of this.  

Puff pastry - you can either make it from scratch or use the shop bought ones
6 eggs - boiled and cut into halves 
3 large onions (i used Spanish ones) 
3 medium tomatoes
2 1/2 teaspoon of ginger and garlic paste 
1 tablespoon of ketchup
1 teaspoon of garam masala
1 teaspoon of chillie powder
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric 
a hand of coriander leaves 
salt to taste


Start of with 3 and a half tablespoon of oil. I prefer either sunflower oil or olive oil. Put your onions in and wait, like really wait and keep waiting. Personally the only part you need to be patient for is to get the onions really caramelised.

Once your onions look some what like the above image, add your tomatoes and ginger and garlic paste in. Eventually add your spices:

add spices
add spices
To finish off add the ketchup, coriander leaves and salt to taste. 
This is what you end up with:
You have to let your filling cool down before putting it in the pastry, I don't know much about the technical side of it but i have been advised that when working with puff pastry you need to make sure that everything is cold and you work quick in order to make sure the pastry puffs up while baking. 

Before you start putting it all together pre heat the oven at 180*C for 10 minutes.

Now that you have everything ready - roll the puff pastry out, if you want it to be shaped like a croissant cut the pastries into a triangle. 

Put the filling and half an egg on the wider side of the pastry and roll it up  towards the pointy side. Once you have done this, fold both the edges in towards the centre and pinch it so it does not unfold while baking.

Once you have all the little pockets assembled, give it a egg wash and put it in the oven. You need to bake these for 35 minutes at 180*C. After 17ish minutes turn it around and bake for the remaining time so all sides are equally golden. 

Give it few minutes and serve it with ketchup while it is still warm. 

 Hope you guys try it and if you do be sure to share it :)

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